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 Surrender Policies

SOS Beagle Rescue does not have a shelter or kennel facilities of its own. That means all dogs must be placed in foster care or expensive boarding kennels.

Our foster care spaces are reserved for dogs on the euthanasia list at local shelters. We usually stay full with dogs that are in danger of losing their lives. You may e-mail us with information about your beagle, including the reason you must place him or her and we will give you some additional suggestions and refer you to the closest beagle rescue.

On occasion, when we have available space, or approved applicants to match up with an owned dog, we will accept your beagle into our program. In order for us to do so, your dog must be spayed/neutered, up to date on shots and heartworm negative and on preventative. All vet records, our surrender form, and a minimum donation of $50 must accompany your dog to cover the cost of the first 3 days boarding charges. Please . contact us Please consider your decision to surrender carefully, because once surrendered to SOS Beagle Rescue, you will be unable to reclaim your dog.

If you purchased your dog from a breeder, your first step is to ask them for assistance in placing your beagle. Responsible breeders will also help you find another good home for your dog.

If you adopted from another rescue group, your contract probably requires you to return the dog to them, as do most shelter contracts. SOS Beagle Rescue will not take a dog that is legally required to be returned to the shelter, rescue group or breeder by contract.

If you want to place your beagle yourself, Chow Rescue has an informative page we recommend that you read.

If you give your beagle to another family, be sure to use this Transfer of Ownership for your own protection.

If you do not live in an SOS Beagle Rescue area (New Jersey and Tennessee) please consult our Rescue Locator Map for other beagle rescues in the U.S.