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In Memory Donations for SOS Beagle Rescue

All Memorial Donations are placed in the Dorothy P. Schuda Memorial Fund to assist with Special Needs Beagles or Emergency Cases.

To donate in the name of any beagle or person, send us your check or use the PayPal Button below, and email us with your memorial wishes (up to 50 words) and how you'd like your name listed. We'll try to post within 72 hours.

Note: We have fixed the email glitch in requesting a memorial for your beagle. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused.

SOS Beagles Home

Dot Schuda - 2004

Dot Clair Sandfort, Animal Survival
Robert and Carole Mabin
Jeri and Toby Ryan
Mary Stewart
Robert, Suzy, Connor & Kelly Schuda
Linda Pulaski
The Zimmer family and beagles

Lucy Hytha 4/20/2011 - 2/16/2024

Lucy rescued us in May of 2017 at the age of 6. She quickly let her new brother Macky know that there was a new sheriff in town. She also quickly stole our hearts and filled a void in our lives that we never knew existed.
In September of 2022 Lucy was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We were told her prognosis was 6-12 months. Our little fighter proved them wrong. This summer they found a spot on her spleen and we were told this was more serious and had a much worse prognosis of 3 months. We were blessed to more than double that time.
She loved going to Cape May and laying on the warm sandy beach with her brother Macky, steak dinners, duck treats, stealing couch space, day-long naps and barking at every delivery person like they were coming to rob us.
The pain in our hearts and the void left in our lives will be forever. This little girl brought more joy and happiness to our lives than we could have ever imagined. We were Lucy's 3rd family but we were so blessed to be her furever family. We miss her so much. Our lives will never be the same.
-Joe, Jean and Macky Hytha


Carrie Berry 2023


Carrie's adventure began in Alabama, and she came all the way to Philadelphia to find her forever home. She quickly won the hearts of everyone she met with her southern charms and her favorite things were treats, belly rubs and naps. She may have gone to the rainbow bridge but will always be in my heart.


Astra Jaycox 2023


Astra Jaycox of Brooklyn (2010-2023) was a loving family pup who had many favorite sunny spots in the backyard, a nose for treats and nuzzles, and an adventurous spirit, traveling across the countryside to romp in beaches and apple fields alike. Her big heart and sweetness will be remembered forever.


Callie Passaretti 2023


Callie was rescued November 2013 and crossed the bridge 8/9/2023. She gave me ten years of love, laughter and loyalty. Her favorite thing was walks through our neighborhood where all the neighbors knew her and gave her treats, even some who didn't own dogs! She will be missed more than words can say
-Kathy Passaretti
-Tim Calhoun and Jim DePaul


Molly Kintner 2023


Molly, aka Susie, jumped in Joe's lap 1-15-2012 and it was love at first sight. She was a sweet, good, loving girl and we miss her so much.
-Joe Eichhorn and Mary Kintner

Bradley Paciotti 2023


Bradley was the best !! He was well loved by my three kids, Chris Delia and Jack and my husband and I, as well as our other two rescue dogs Lilly and Rose, and also his good friend our cat Felicie. He was always happy and loved his treats and people. He will truly be missed. It was a blessing to have him in our lives.
-The Paciotti Family

Trixie Wigglebutt Almony 2023


The joy and laughter you brought to this world in your too small life can never be measured. You stayed by Gram to her last breath bringing her such comfort. Your all knowing eyes that can reach into the soul will be terribly missed. We will always love you.
-The Almony Family

Andy Brandinelli 2023


Reading Andy's description in 2016 on the website noted his gentle nature and bodacious ears, we know he was the dog for us. He was a certified Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog. He provided love and smiles to many. Our special boy will be missed terribly.
-Teresa and John Brandinelli

Lenny 2023


We met our sweet Lenny at NJ Beaglefest in 2011 and for almost 12 years he brought only joy to our world. He is missed more than words can express, but we are so lucky that he picked us to love him.
-Jennifer Ferraro, Bryan Waagner and Twiggy
In loving memory of dear, sweet Lenny, his spots and his awesome ears! We miss you, Lenny!
-The Montgomery Family

Mollie Stuart 2023


Mollie came to us as a rescue after she was abandoned on the side of a road. We lost her to an illness after only 3 1/2 years and we treasured every minute of our time together.
-Loved by Bill and Jill Stuart

Pepper Vo 2012-2023


Pepper lit up our lives in 2012 and passed away in February 2023 at the vibrant age of 12 years old. She had a big personality and was well-known in the neighborhood. Every dog was a friend and every human had a treat to give. Pepper was beyond loved.
-Sheena & John Vo

Max Grassi 2012-2021


Max was a good dog and had a short life due to his seizures. We all loved him from the first time we saw him, despite his energy. He loved playing with Merlot and his big yard. We still miss him every day but know he is with our Portergirl.
-Teresa, Ken, and Eric

Elliott Smith 2022


Elliott came into our lives on February 27, 2015. He was a stray in Brunswick, Virginia. The rescue worker noted on his intake sheet that Elliott is a "sweet beagle, he has no enemies." From that first observance of his personality, he lived up to those very words. We are forever thankful for him being such a big part of our lives. We miss him every day.
-The Smith Family

Bess 2010-2023


On 9/2/2011, Bess chose us. William was down on one knee and she bolted over. He was smitten. On the drive back to Brooklyn, Peanut became "Bess" - future subject of countless drawings and photographs. She was our first girl dog, famous for her pearls and a big sister to Winston. We were lucky to have been part of her life for most of her thirteen short years.
-Jeff Dreiblatt and William Walker
In Memory of Bess - her royal highness of beagleness.
-Susan Kneeland
-Fran Markover

Lucky Kulkani - 2022


Lucky was a sweet and playful boy; he was always springy and energetic. He was a loving and caring dog. He was always there for anyone if they were feeling down. He has left a huge imprint in our hearts and will always be remembered with love.
-The Kulkarni Family

Stanley Kramer - 2022


Loved by Laurie and Philip and mostly loved but sometimes only tolerated by Oliver Kramer. Twelve years wasn't long enough.
-Laurie and Philip Kramer
-The Newman Family
-Jeri and Toby Ryan

Champ Rutan - 2021


Champ was very special. This little character was a true beagle and brought us much joy, even when he tried to escape ( and did 4 times ) and got into everything.
- Mara and George Rutan

Eleanore Roecker - 2021

Eleanore In loving memory of treasured friend and volunteer of SOS Beagle Rescue, Eleanore would give anyone the shirt off her back if you asked, was never seen without her lipstick and loved her beagles with all her heart. Rest in Peace, our dear friend.

-Linda and the SOS Family
-The Daily Digital Family:
  • Ron Ackerman
  • Jennifer Brett
  • Jeffrey Dreiblatt
  • Patti Rousseau
  • Maureen Doherty
  • Jeri and Toby Ryan
  • Irene Rogers
  • Denise Kavanagh
  • Tara Braun

Millie Ryan - 2021


In Memory of Millie, our "Best Girl." She was our "heart" or "soul" dog. We communicated where we knew what she was thinking and she knew what we were thinking. She was very smart but she loved to play the part of a dumb blond; she was so silly in her younger days. Millie is going to be an extremely tough act to follow.
- Jeri and Toby Ryan

Jax Ryan - 2021


In memory of Jax, a very sweet and silly boy.
Loved and missed by Jeri and Toby Ryan and Miss Millie Moo

Woodrow Boucher - 2021


We adopted Toby Keith from from SOS in 2008. I found him on PetFinder and immediately loved his face. He immediately loved his dad, though, and they became best friends. He was renamed Woodrow on our car ride home. When his human siblings were born, he was a perfect family dog - gentle and patient and only stole a few toys.

He was with us for 13 amazing years, and we're overwhelmingly grateful to have had him in our lives - from dating to marriage to babies and now a busy young family, Woodrow was a very loved part of our lives and we will miss him terribly.
- The Boucher family

Clifford Konopacki - 2021


We were nervous and excited when we adopted Clifford on 1/5/2010. He was a tremendous dog, very attached to both Josie and myself. He had a puppy face his entire life. We have no human children, but Clifford filled that void wonderfully.
Loved by Joe and Josie Konopacki

Madison 2004-2021

Madison -->

We said a heartbreaking goodbye to our favorite girl in February. She was truly one of a kind. She lived nine lives, beating every illness that came her way. The joy she brought to our lives cannot be measured—she was loved beyond belief. She lived an incredible life and is missed every single day.
- Jill and Peter

Dolly Celia Foote - 2021


Adopted in 2010, Dolly was originally a Jersey girl but moved to NC 9 years ago and has had a wonderful life with lots of love. Her coat was so soft and her ears were like velvet. We adopted another hound 8 years ago, Maggie. Dolly and Maggie got along well although Dolly was the boss or Queen as I affectionately called her.
- Christine and Andy Celia Foote

Lady Bug Fogel - 2021


Lady Bug was a free spirit, full of mischief and love. Goodbye sweet baby girl. Run-run-run to your heart's content.
- Fred and Linda Fogel - Eiderson Dean

SweetPea Zahn - 2021


Pea left us to rest at the Rainbow Bridge on 2/22/21. Pea was very shy and barely made eye contact with us when adopted. With love and caring she gradually learned to trust and be loved. Beagles are known to be "determined" and she was until the day she left us. Over the years, when her health began to decline she would carry on with her routine, sniff the grounds outside and taught us to be strong when health is not good. There was so many things that we will miss about her. She was a spark of light and will continue to be in our thoughts everyday
- Abby and Larry Zahn

Duke McCormack - 2020


Duke was rescued from a Louisiana kill shelter and came north to us in NYC to become a fine, snow-appreciating Yank. He was a wonderful, gentle, occasionally obedient gentleman who loved other dogs and humans, and we treasured our 7 years with him. We loved him very much and miss him every day.
- Maura and John McCormack

Tig Saad - 2020


In memory of Tig Beloved pet of Alyson & John Saad
- Jamie Saad

Billie Holiday - 2020


Our girl, Billie Holiday, came to us through SOS NJ in 2013 after a really hard year in our lives. She always knew how to make us smile. We couldn't have found a better dog to share our adventures with. After being a city dog for 4 years, she spent 3 years on the road with us finding the all the best spots from NJ to Alaska to Baja Mexico. Her favorite thing to do was hiking and exploring with her people (and rolling in smelly things). We are utterly heartbroken and we miss her every day but we are so thankful for the time we had
- Andrew and Sarah Leone

Aldo Briones - 2020


We rescued Aldo when he was 7 weeks old from an abandoned home in Memphis. He was only 9 years old when he passed. One day he was fine and the next he was receiving a blood transfusion and had IMHA and it took him from us within 5 days of being diagnosed.
- Mark Briones

Rocky Stoever - 2020


We were lucky enough to have Rocky with us for 13 years. He was a great member of our family. We have some great memories of him. Even though he will be missed, those memories help so very much.
- Marlene Stoever

Levi Orlando - 2020


In loving memory of Levi (2001-2020)
A pure and gentle soul, to know him was to love him. As Edith Wharton said of her favorite dog, "we really communicated ... & no one had such wise things to say." We are so grateful he chose us. May we all learn from his example and live as happily, as well, and with as much love and dignity.
- Emily and Nels

Tanner Daly - 2020


We adopted Tanner when he was 10 months old from a local shelter. The first time we met him, he melted our hearts and we all knew he was going to be part of our family. He was our "Best Buddy" and we miss him.
- The Daly Family

Luna Guss - 2020


Adopted from SOS with Bugles in 2011, Luna was so incredibly loved and lovable. Anyone who met her said they've never met a friendlier dog. She will be forever missed, especially by Bugles, her bonded companion and sister.
Thank you so much for entrusting us with the care of these two precious pups. We were newlyweds when they came home with us. They have made our lives so full, and we couldn't imagine two better dogs to grow our family with.
- Lauren Guss

Jake Lienert - 2020


It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to one of our boys, Jake as he crosses that rainbow bridge today, June 3, 2020. Jake came down with cancer a few months back and lost the fight today. Jake came to us through fate. As we attended a "bark and wine" event at a kennel, Jake waddled up to my wife and laid his head in her lap. Around his neck was a scarf that read "Adopt Me." It took her a couple weeks of wearing me down, but we eventually adopted him.
Jake was a well known pain in the ass. He would often get into the trash, chase down every rabbit or other animal that would get into our yard, he would bark at 2am if he wanted to be under the blanket or go outside. But he was good with the kids and through all his quirks, we loved him. He is survived by his two brothers Charlie and Dexter. I know he is somewhere barking to get under a blanket. We will miss him.
- Mike, Melissa, Maverick, & Violet Lienert

Buddy Barrios - 2020


We had Buddy 12 wonderful years. He was such a special and smart beagle. We loved him so much. Thank you, SOS, for everything that you do and for bringing us such a wonderful companion.
- Ben & Rita

Sugar - 2020


SOS foster was on the mark in describing this dog as "very special." We adopted Pumpkin (renamed "Sugar") on those words and her soulful picture. Sugar's easygoing, peaceful manner, and slow rhythmic tail wagging set on "constant mode," could defuse any situation from rambunctious children to overbearing dogs. Truly a gentle soul, loved by all, missed so much.
- The Tottenham Family

Lieutenant Dan - 2020


Born to Parkway Cutie Pie and Tequila Sunrise, Ltnt Dan was fervently chosen by Brian, to whom he gave pure love and joy for more than 15 years. Ltnt loved the sand, chasing squirrels and running alongside his best friend, BK. He ate delicious meals from mom, walked for MS, played, danced and gave unconditional love to his forever family. The happiness he brought to those who loved him will always be remembered.
- Jessica Schindewolf

Vera Passaretti - 2019

Vera Passaretti

In memory of Vera Passaretti who loved her family, her friends, and her beagles.
William & Barbara Cressman
Joanne Monte
Joanne Rockhill
Vickie St. John
Gail LaBianca
Timothy Calhoun
Stacey Friel
The Alcoba family
Martin & Heidi Clark

Buxton Graham - 2019


Buxton was an absolute sweetheart. He bonded with me and I with him in a matter of days, and we had almost nine years together. I loved him with all my heart. Each day with him was a blessing.
- Kate Graham

Louie Traina - 2019

Louie Traina

Louie brought much joy and love to his family. He will be greatly missed and lovingly remembered by Mellissa and Joe.
- Michael Taustine

Daisy and Molly Chevis - 2019

Daisy and Molly

Best friends of Tonya Chevis. They were with her through thick and thin, and I know that while her newest adopted pups (from you!) have warmed her heart, Daisy and Molly will always have paw prints on her heart.
- Katie Beach

Paige Franks - 2019


Paige was a joy to us all. She brought comfort and happiness to a giant family of 5 children and especially to her daddy, Jay. She will be forever missed.
- Lori Ennis

Archie - 2019


Archie was quite the character and is greatly missed.
Kim & Tony Jacobs

Mitzy Goldberg - 2018


In loving memory of my 'velcro' dog Mitzy who began her journey to the Rainbow Bridge Saturday morning. She came to me as a foster via rescue in Miami-Dade, FL. Within 2 days I knew she wasn't leaving. I can't explain the joy she gave us for the 5 short years we had each other. She will live forever in my heart. Run pain-free now little angel, until we meet again.
- Sheryl Goldberg
- Karen Spivey


Lucy Kimmel - 2018


It was love at first sight when we met Lucy. She was such a sweet dog. She was happiest snuggling with us or keeping rabbits out of the backyard. She also liked sitting on top of the couch, watching for a cat to walk down the street so she could bark at him.
- The Kimmel Family

Tina Herig - 2018


In loving memory of my sweet Tina. For 15 years she was my best friend. Her loss has left a huge hole in my heart. However, I have peace now knowing she is pain free again. Tina was the best little girl to come into my life. Over the years, she brought much joy and laughter to my family. We went through a lot together and I wouldn't change a thing. She definitely rescued me even though in reality I rescued her. Tina will always be loved and missed. RIP my baby girl until we meet again.
- Veronica Herig
- Edie Haughton


Bonnie Heaton - 2018


Bonnie Heaton: Sister of Max Heaton, loved her family and their Maryland farm. Named Bonnie which means good and sweet in Scotland, Loved sitting in the kitchen with visitors. Loving and playful.
- Elaine, John, and Mary Zabriskie

Zelda Mae Zora Zabriskie - 2018


Her father's best friend and constant companion. They watched TV together, took long walks, and car rides to together to Cape Cod. She loved her special bed with her name on it and visiting the groom shop. Always in our hearts.
- Elaine, John, and Mary Zabriskie
- Eleanore Roecker


Lucy Bowen - 2017

Lucy Bowen

We are very saddened by our loss of our beloved Lucy.
- Graham Bowen and Cara Cooper
- Robbie Young and Rob Odorisio


Billy Althouse - 2017


In loving memory of Billy - you picked us on 2/25/01 and our lives were never the same! Even though we had you for 17 years it wasn't long enough. We miss your crazy antics, your sweet kisses and think of you every time we eat spaghetti!! No longer by our side but furever in our hearts! Love and miss you.
- Gina, Brian and Ashley Althouse

Loki Powell - 2017


Loki went to dog heaven in December 2017. We are grateful for a wonderful 10 1/2 years. Loki was smart, playful, comical, stubborn - and enriched our lives in many ways. He never met a toy he couldn't destroy. Loki baby, you are in our hearts forever.
- Chuck and Paula Powell

Brandi - 2017


Our eyes met 10 years ago on 8/22/07, I knew you picked me to be your Guardian Angel, you were my heart, my soul. You trusted very few to pet you. You are lovingly immortalized on the internet as the "Beagle who leaped off the Burlington Bristol Bridge" and lived to tell her tale. Chemotherapy was no match to the Lymphoma that took you from my protective arms. Now you are my Guardian Angel. I love you.
- Alexis and Bob Lorenz

Bronco - 2017


In memory of Bronco -- tragically lost when his retractable leash broke on his evening walk - and taking with him a huge part of our hearts.
-Andrew Roche and Lauren Ventura

Shiloh - 2017


Shilo in the autumn of her life at Stokes State Forest. I have been truly blessed by my four-legged companion. In her own way she has taught me about humanity and the importance of being decent and caring. My life is richer because she has shared in it. You will always be loved and missed Shilo. R.I.P.
-Jimmy Esposito

Lola "Bean" Ressa - 2017


In loving memory of Lola "Bean" Ressa: Aka "Beanie," "Weenie," and "Big Mama"... for nearly 12 years she warmed our hearts (and feet as we slept!). Funny, kind, gentle, and always smiling, she never asked for much except belly rubs, treats, and a lift onto the bed when it was time for "night-night." Rest easy, furry girl. You are forever in our hearts.
-Jessica Ressa

Rosebud - 2017


Rosie (Rosebud) was a sweetheart. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. Her favorite place was a sunny spot in the yard, especially near the rose bush. She loved our "cooking" lessons and was the perfect "mommy," cleaning her beagle sister's face every night. We miss you snuggle bunny girl!

-Angela and Tony Otlowski


Jax - 2017


In loving memory of our amazing buddy Jax (a.k.a. Gus!). You hold a special place in our hearts and will truly be missed.
The Towers Family


Woody Grimm - 2017


In memory of Woody, a lovable guy.
- Dolores McMullan

Zoe Zinnia - 2017

Zoe Zinnia

Zoe Zinnia lived with the Zabriskie family for what would have been 13 years on April 5th. She loved running in the yard, car rides for coffee in the morning, and the movie Miss Potter. She always tried to talk to tell us her feelings. She died on the first day of spring, forever in our hearts.
- Elaine, John and Mary Zabriskie

Pedey - 2017

Lisa and Pedey

Pedey belonged to our neighbors, Denis and Lisa Chadwick. They recently rescued him and took him in as one of their own, despite the many acute and chronic illnesses he suffered from. They showed him so much love every day and he is greatly missed. Pedey leaves behind 2 beagle brothers, Jack and Buzzy.
- Andee and Nick Rykse

Barley - 2017


In memory of this sweet, funny and loving guy! Barley, you will be truly missed
We love you, Jessie and Josh Rackley.
- Julie Howard

Randy Stephens - 2016

Randy Stephens

Beloved husband of Tee and valued foster dad for SOS Beagles, Randy and Tee started fostering for SOS Beagles in 2010 and helped both SOS Beagles and Recycled Best Friends. Even stray dogs knew what house to visit.

-Timothy E. Berry
-Mr. and Mrs. Russell & Helen Stephens
-Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Teresa Hair
-Mark Schnyder
-Joshua West

Kylee - 2016


In June of 2000 my wife and I adopted a six month old beagle from you named Kylee. Sadly we had to put Kylee to sleep on October 5. She was just a few months short of her 17th birthday. There was just no cure for advanced age. The memories of the years of joy and happiness she gave to us will always be with us. When we first spoke to you about adoption you said of Kylee, "If you don't like this beagle, you 're just not beagle people." Well not only did we come to like Kylee, we came to love her and all her breed. We are definitely "Beagle People."
-Joe & Katharine Olinchak

Carol Craig - 2016

Carol Craig

Joining her precious Nicky at the Rainbow Bridge on 10/20/16.
Missed by husband Kevin and friends.

Sherman Kramer - 2016


Sherman graced our lives for seven wonderful years. He loved his tummy rubs and could often be found conducting hunting safaris at night in the yard. Sherman was deaf but it never seemed to matter, we communicated through pure love.

-Laurie and Phillip Kramer
-Patti Rousseau
-Melody Jackson
-Emily Radford
-Karla Weber
-Susan Couts
-Jeannette and Mike Timmons
-Jeri and Toby Ryan
-Huck Radford

Cookie Pryor - 2016


She was a little over 17 yrs. old when we lost her in June We miss her terribly! Every morning I look out my kitchen window to her little grave on the hill. She is buried with all her toys in her little bed with her favorite blankets. A piece of my heart was torn out the day we put her to sleep - the hardest thing my husband and I ever had to do. Thank you for giving us the greatest blessing in our lives that day in 2001.

-Lynn & Richie Pryor

Bobby Forrest - 2016


"Official greeter dog at SOS Beagles - Atco!"
Bobby was a rescue himself, becoming my travel dog when I'd bring dogs north to NJ before returning to the state in 2007. He took no guff from any of the fosters, letting them all know he was the grand master of the house. He slept under the covers every winter night, and on the pillow next to me in the summer.

-Linda Forrest
-Bob Schuda
-Jeri and Toby Ryan
-Mary and Edward Gray
-The Burks family and Jersey

Dominick Seville- 2016


In memory of Dominick Seville and to honor his wishes that donations be made to SOS Beagle Rescue because he loved his girls so much
-Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bennett
-Mr. and Mrs. William Brown
-Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bundenthal
-Mr. and Mrs. William Carlucci
-Arjun Channi & Vince Carr
-Mr. and Mrs. Pat Dooley
-Robert Doyle
-Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Falcone
-Mr. Joseph Falcone
-Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fernandez
-Cindy Goldberg Fine
-Christine Firko
-Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Francioso
-Ms. Maxine Genello
-Shannon Gessler
-Ms. Mattia Greno
-Richard Halik
-Kathleen Hamilton
-Mr. and Mrs. George Herina
-Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ilacqua
-Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kliminski
-Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kwiatkowski
-Irene Lambert
-Virna Liguori
-Marie Lorenzo
-Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall
-Mr. and Mrs. John Martin
-Letizia Matturri
-Mr. and Mrs. Philip Meo
-Barbara Molinaro
-Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Neimiec
-Dona Nelson
-Mary O'Brien and Christopher Smith
-Mr. and Mrs. Pardee, Jr.
-Simone Elisabeth Poliacoff
-Mr. and Mrs. John Puleo
-Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rando
-Arlene Rudmann
-Ms. Rosemarie Skroski
-Mr. and Mrs. John Sidonio
-Mr. and Mrs. Lee Slovitt
-Ms. Della Smith
-Ms. Sandra Smith
-Sharon Stein
-Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tesei
-Mr. and Mrs. Chiming Tse
-Barbara Typinski
-Mr. and Mrs. Peter Uva
-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Visco

Taffy Herig - 2015


In loving memory of Taffy. A beloved family member for 11 years. I rescued her when she was 6 weeks old. Life was never the same! She was quite a character. The love and fun she brought me was beyond words. She left me all too soon, but some things are out of our control. I will always treasure her silly ways and the way she had me "trained." I spoiled her and loved every minute of it. RIP Taffy. I will always love and miss you.
- Veronica Herig
- Edie Haughton


Daisy Vail - 2015


When we decided to get our first Beagle I couldn't wait to finally pick her up. The man we got Daisy from knew from the start that Daisy was not going to be a good hunting Beagle because of her timid, loving nature. Boy was he right. She was the perfect family dog. She was affectionate, cuddly, and the all around perfect companion. She was truly the best dog anyone could ask for. She is sorely missed. We miss you Daisy girl.
-Alli Vail and Robert Lovering

Lucky Roecker - 2016


In memory of Lucky Roecker
-Jeri and Toby Ryan

Dazi - 2015


In loving memory of our sweet Dazi. She loved and lived life to the fullest. She was always up for an adventure and traveled everywhere we went. She loved her car rides and loved transporting SOS beagles! Her loving and smiling spirit will remain with us forever.
-Janet and Heather
-Jeri and Toby Ryan

In memory of a well loved girl
-Maureen and Bob Heiss

Gracie Monahan - 2015


In memory of Gracie, adopted January 2005: To my devoted companion and best friend for the last 10 years, who suddenly departed this world on March 16, 2015. Gracie fought so hard battling the effects of a brain tumor, but even with surgery was not able to win the battle. She is at peace now, no more seizures, no more pain. I will miss you everyday, my little Beagle friend...you brought so much happiness to my life.
-Kathleen Monahan
 Lansdale, PA

Otis Shea - 2015


In memory of Patti Shea's Otis
-Laura Haines

Bagels Mintz-Goldberg - 2015


Bagels Mintz-Goldberg battled with illness and left us on January 30th. He was a very special dog and companion who touched many lives and was loved by everyone he met. Our little friend will be dearly missed but will remain in our hearts forever.
-Michele Farina

Traveler Rhoads - 2015


Traveler wasn't a beagle, but he lived with beagles all his life and was considered an "honoroary" beagle by many beagle lovers. He was a wonderful friend and companion for 15 years. His unique personality added many interesting moments to our lives
-Sandy & Dusty Rhoads

Smudge - 2014


In memory of the distinguished Mr. Smudge, of Delmar, New York.
With sympathy, from the Sherman family

Louie Aycart - 2014


Louie was an amazing addition to our family. He filled our lives with joy for 10 yrs. He could manipulate you to give him that extra treat, just by giving you those classic puppy dog eyes. He was a true beagle, loved to eat, loved to howl at a every stranger that passed the house, a true guardian. Louie's passing has left a great void in our family. He was a true character, a true pal, and most of all a member of our family....
- Written by the Aycart Family
- Memorial from the Hernandez Family & Friends forever in our Hearts....

Marie Hoffman - 2014

Marie Hoffman

Marie [pictured here with her husband] was a beloved member of New Jersey Beagles at Breezy Point. She didn't get out much but always enjoyed chatting with members who valued her keen sense of humor and sound advice She could always be counted on to say a prayer for our beloved pets and offer encouragement when needed the most. She will be missed by all and never forgotten. Rest in Peace, dear friend.
-Terry Stern and the members of New Jersey Beagles at Breezy Point

Frasier - 2014


In honor of my best bud, Frasier, on his birthday (10/24/94). Love you and miss you, Stinky. I hope you're catching all the frisbees heaven has to offer.
Momma Sara

Connie Young Bivens - 2014

Connie with Sailor and Olive

Connie was a true lover of beagles. She did volunteer work for SOS Beagles.
-From her friends and admirers

Cocoa - 2014


Adopted 11/23/08 - Died 6/9/14
-Pat and Dennis Murray

Chrissy (2012) and Copper (2009)

Chrissy and Copper

You gave us Love, Happiness, Fun times, Great memories and will always be in our hearts. Copper, we loved how you folded your leash perfectly to fit in your mouth when we said "WALK!" Chrissy, you were the greatest escape artist ever! We love & miss you both so very much!
- Tony Pampena and family

Freddie - 2014

Freddie Beloved beagle of John and Karen Forrest

Art Kessler - 2014

Art Kessler Art was always the first one to volunteer for Saturday beagle events, settling in his chair with a beagle laying in his lap like a baby. He would often stop by our Atco home to see what new dogs had come in in hopes of expanding his pack. We'll miss his "Well, hello there" greetings.
-Linda Forrest
Art had a way with beagles. We recall the time we brought our foster, China to an event. China didn't like unexpected moves and would snap. I lost track of where she was. When I looked up, I was shocked to see her cradled in Art's arms. The beagles loved him.
-Ginny and Bob Olsen
Whenever Art was at an event you could be sure there would be lots of laughs and good times. Art will be very much missed When I think of Art, I smile. At SOS events he came with his coffee cup and you knew there would be plenty of laughs! Art is the reason we adopted Ellie and I am so glad he "encouraged" (LOL!) us to do so. Thanks, Art, for all the fun times!
-Maureen and Bob Heiss
SOS events will not be the same without Art being there, holding a beagle. Art was such a gentle, kind, caring man, and his love for beagles was very obvious. The beagles and all of us are very fortunate to have known Art. We will miss him.
-Pat Wolfe
Chuck and I met Art at one of the fundraisers a few years ago. We continued to see him for the next 4 yrs at many more, and enjoyed chatting with him. It was sad to hear of his passing. He was a gentle man who had a love for helping beagles find their way to a new chance at life. I sure he was welcomed by many 4-legged friends, who may have been shocked at first by his presence, but none the less happy to see him!
-Barb and Chuck DeYoung

-Alan, Diane and "Jackson" Kaufman
-Stacy Heyman
-Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Moore
-Flo and Bob Weinstein
-Debra and Larry Shore and family
-Laurie and Justin Baker


Barbie - 2014


R.I.P. My Sweet, Beautiful Barbie. On 2/1/14 at 2:30PM we helped Barbie cross the Rainbow Bridge. She was 16 1/2 years old. We rescued her from SOS on 1/17/1999 at approximately 1 1/2. She has been the joy of my life. We have 15 1/2 years of memories and are going to miss her terribly. We love you baby; you were a great friend and companion.
- Vinnie Fattizzi

Doozer - 2014


We were the lucky parents of Doozer, an SOS Beagle who celebrated his 16th year with us in December 2013. After a long and happy life, he passed away on January 4, 2014 at the ripe old age of 18. We are grateful to SOS.
- Sue and Steve McMahon

Dixie - 2013


Dixie was with us for just a few months but gave us such joy as she instantly became a part of our family. She will missed so much especially by her furry sister Honey.
- The Schull Family

Phoebe - 2013


Phoebe was such a special girl. Always there to make us smile, and provide comfort when needed. Phoebe loved her food, lounging in the sun, but most of all she loved her family. We loved the howl Phoebe gave everyone she knew. She brought a smile to everyones face and we miss her every day.
- The Kennedy Family

Nicky - 2013

In Memory of Nicky 5/3/97-8/13/13

Our companion who brought love and laughter into our lives, and the lives of all of the children he ever met. You will remain in our hearts forever.
Until we meet again,
Carol & Kevin Craig

Puck - 2013

In memory of Puck, a wonderful friend and a family member. Puck was aptly named after the Shakespearean character. Great with the children, he was also into fun and mischief, having been caught at times leapfrogging up chairs and onto the kitchen island so that he could enjoy the cat's food. Sometimes, in time for dinner, he would hop up on a kitchen chair and sit up like a human - waiting to be served with everyone else. Puck was always full of life and inquisitive. We will miss you, Puck.
Alison, Caitlin, Valerie, and Joe

Jack - 2013

In memory of our sweet, lovable, and most special beagle boy. You came into our lives an unexpected gift-- little did you know you captured our hearts and forever changed our lives. The joy you brought into our lives cannot be measured. The smiles you brought to our faces cannot be counted. The years passed all too quickly. You fought a good fight for so long. We knew you were ready to let go. We were not. We could never have been prepared for the heartbreak of losing you. Not a moment goes by that you are not missed.
Jill and John

Cricket - 2013

In Memory of Cricket Alessi. Cricket brought us so much joy over the past 11 years! We was more than a pet to us! Instead like another child!! It was the hardest thing we ever had to do when we decided to put her to rest 5-6-13. We couldn't be selfish & make her suffer. She had a great life, & not a day goes by that we don't think of her & talk about her daily!
The Alessi family

Willie - 2013

In memory of Willie who was a sweet, gentle soul. Willie was beloved and will always be a part of my thoughts and heart.
Dr. Joan Biello

Barney - 2013

In honor of Barney, our foster failure
Sandy Rhoads

Heidi Anderson - 2013

In memory of Heidi -- owned and loved by Linda Anderson
-Your friends in Account Administration

Molly - 2013

Gone to the Rainbow Bridge but still loved and always missed
Steve Berry

Moose - 2013

In memory of Moose -- rescued as a pup and loved by the Neill family for 16 yrs.
Laurie Hoppe-Ringer

Helix and Betta - 2013

Helix and Betta
In memory of Helix and Beta, they were best friends and did everything together. They came into our lives and made everything better. It was a hard to let both of them go, but knowing that they are together again makes it much easier. We love and miss them everyday, but know they are watching over us.
Tina, Fred, and Maleah Kaplan

Winnie Stoever - 2013

The moment we stepped out of the car when we came searching for a friend for Tigger you stood up and stuck your paw through the fence calling us over to you. We took you home that day and you became a cherished friend of all of us. You gave us so much love and happiness over the 14 years we had you it is impossible to let you go. You will remain in our hearts and memories for the rest of our lives. Thank you.
Jim Stoever

Trooper - 2013

We adopted Trooper when he was 1 1/2 years old through the help of SOS Beagles. He started out sleeping in his crate and within days he was up in bed with us where he slept every night until he passed away at age 17. We were often told how lucky he was to have us, but we felt that we were truly the lucky ones to have him. Trooper you will be in our heart forever - we miss you so much!
The Krikorian Family

Tucker - 2012

In memory of Tucker who was happiest most on Maggie's lap. An amazing pup and bed warmer who loved kisses, snuggles, belly rubs, eating things he shouldn't, and somehow managing to sneak his way into dorm rooms. Your memory is in the hearts of many and the world is a better place because of all the love you gave and received
Lindsey Noe

Virginia - 2012

In memory of Virginia, beloved beagle of Caron and Drew Sarver
Jeri and Toby Ryan

Bagel - 2012

You were a sweet girl and we will miss you terribly. We'll never forget when you shared your dog bed with Jess. You filled us with wonderful memories. We love you,
The Masso Family

Hillary - 2012

Hillary Our dear sweet little Hillary You came into our lives a whirlwind and stole our hearts. It was with heartache and tears that we let you go. Wishing you long walks and an endless supply of cookies.
Forever in our hearts dear Hillary
Mom, Dad & Mattox

Speckles - 2012

Speckles To Our Best Loving Friend and pretty blue-ticked sosbeagle "Speckles with the beautiful wide eyes", adopted Jan 2000, by our children: Michele & Brian Fagin. Speckles age 15 left us for The Rainbow Bridge on May 24, 2012. She is greatly missed by her Family!
Michele & Brian Fagin
Harrison & Anneliese Fagin
Viviane & Irwin Pescov

Richard Disbrow - 2012

Richard Disbrow  
In memory of my husband who loved his beagles, Arbe and Penny
Susan Disbrow

Andy Gagliano - 2012

Andy Gagliano In memory of Andrew, who more than anything loved his family and his beagles. Although difficult for those you left behind, we know that you are all together at the Rainbow Bridge healthy and happy. We'll see you again someday.
The Gagliano family
Anna and Sean Ensel
Antoinette Eckenstein
Bill and Christina Thomas
Barbara McClure
South Plainfield Elks #2298
John and Frances Wood

Lucy Bartolino - 2012

Lucy Bartolino In loving memory of our dear, departed Lucy, a gentle and sweet soul who gave us much love and was a helpful big sister to Sabrina. Lucy is always in our hearts, and will forever be a part of our family.
The Bartolino Family

Zoë - 2011

Zoe Dear Roland and Louise,

Remembering your dear Zoë this Christmas and always. We miss her too.  She was so cute!
Myrna and Carlos

Cashew - 2011

Cashew Cashew was the beloved pet of Russ and Maripat Layne, who developed her own fan club across the miles through the stories shared about all of Cashew's adventures.

Andrea duPlessis

Rex Promaulayko - 2011

Rex Remembering Rex...

Jeri and Toby Ryan

Lilly - 2011

Lilly Lilly was the sweetest dog, and brought a smile to the face of everyone who met her. She was patient, faithful, and affectionate, and she enjoyed a long life with her owners Elliot Staples and Liam O'Meara. She was one of a kind, and she will be missed.

Anthony Lujack

Earl and Otis Dreiblatt-Walker - 2011

Otis and Earl We were lucky to share many years of joy with Earl and Otis from the time they came to us from SOS. Earl spent much of his 16 years focused on strategies to get food, no matter where it might be. His exploits were legendary and no edible item was safe from his single-mindedness. He loved us and his brother Otis very much.

Otis joined our family six short years ago and stole our hearts. He was a bundle of love and happiness. Every day he woke up excited to see what would come and set a wonderful example. William and Otis were studying to become a therapy dog team at the time of his death. He was a natural.

We lost both of them in the space of a month, but we will always treasure their love and companionship.

Jeffrey Dreiblatt

Mike and Terri D'Angelo are donating in memory of two beautiful beagles from this organization, Otis and Earl. Our friends Jeffrey and William recently lost these two wonderful friends and we'd like to offer a donation in their honor.

Scooby Neal - 2011

Scooby Scooby wasn't just a pet, he was a friend, family member and form of entertainment. He quickly won the hearts of his family with his big brown eyes and puppy charm. Through the years, he made us laugh... and sometimes cry through his mischievous actions. But it just made us love him more. His 15 years with us went by quickly, but his memory will last a lifetime. Thanks Scooby. We love you.

Janice and Joe Neal and the rest of the Neal Family

Cheyenne - 5/11/02 to 1/15/11

Cheyenne In Loving Memory of our precious Cheyenne.
She was a blessing to us.

Pat and Don Wolfe

Spanky - 2011

Spanky My sweet boy. You touched many lives and made so many friends; for me and for you. You brought me joy and smiles every day. I loved the way you snored, I loved everything about you. You had me a "aaarrooo" and will remain forever in my heart.

Love, Janet

Trouble - 2010

Trouble The Torbik Family
You were mine from the day I saw you attack my shoes at 7 weeks, and you were never really any "trouble," despite beating the odds for several illnesses over the course of your 13 years. We will miss you but you will not be forgotten.

Daisy - 2010

Daisy The Beeby and Scenti Family
Our Daisy had a unique personality, larger than her twenty pounds belied. While she marched to her own drummer, she was always an integral part of our family. We loved her funny face, her beautiful markings and her Beagle pitch-perfect antics. If she were a person, she’d have been a timeless Hollywood icon. Thank you Daisy, and SOS, for enriching our lives, Beagle-style.

Jonathan E. Trabilcy - 2010

Jonathan Linda Forrest

Beaker - 2010

Beaker Dolores McMullan
In memory of Beaker, a well-loved dog.

Li'l Girl Rhodes - 2010

L'l Girl Sandy and Dusty Rhoads
My sweet Li'l Girl survived the removal of her spleen on March 15, but the tumor on the spleen was hemangiosarcoma. That terrible, aggressive cancer spread like wildfire, and on April 9 we had to say goodbye to our wonderful girl.

Judith Hoberman
In loving memory of Li'l Girl, loved by the Rhoads family

Clayton Kramer - 2010

Clayton Chuck and Julie Dvorak
Jeri and Toby Ryan

Lainey Pescov - 2009

Lainey Viviane and Irv Pescov Farewell to Our Southern Belle Lainey
I look at the old sofa where you often sat, scratching my arm for love and a pat.
You would climb on my lap, and at times, after Jay Leno's traditional monologue,
Pushed our backs till we moved and went to bed!
Jay Leno is back but you're gone, my smiling Southern Belle.
You gave us joy, now it's sorrow! The memories linger from our eternal friendship.
My tears will follow you wherever you'll go at the Rainbow Bridge where our beloved friends will welcome your smiles!

Michele, Brian and family
Missing you, Lainey

Jeri and Toby Ryan

Tommie, Twinkie, Sweet Pea, and Cheyenne
In loving memory of Lainey Pescov

Linda Forrest

Eleanore Roecker, Heidi & Lucky
With deepest sympathy in the loss of your beautiful Southern Belle Lainey. She certainly is missed.

Anne and Martin Meth
In memory of Lainey, beloved beagle of Viviane and Irv Pescov

Richard and Sandra Pollen
In memory of Lainey

Ollie Dvorak - 2009

Ollie Chuck and Julie Dvorak
In Memory of Ollie: We adopted this little red beagle puppy in 1998. He was beautiful, active, sweet as pie, a wanna-be escape artist and the LOUDEST beagle ever. He was truly loved and is sorely missed

Linda Forrest

Missy - 2009

Missy Adam, Juliet, and Isabella Shotland in memory of Missy
She was an amazing little dog

Spike Almodovar - 2009

Spike Linda Forrest
Spike -- you fought so hard to get better and gave me, your mom and your family your total commitment to that. But sometimes things are not to be, and I trust you're frolicking at the Bridge with Dot and our other friends. God speed, little one.

Maureen and Bob Heiss and Lacey and Sophie

Farfel Gump Goldberg
June 27, 1994 - July 3, 2009

Farfel Debi and Lee Goldberg and family
Our first baby, our best friend...

Katie Nolan - 2009

Katie The Mazur-Liberman family
In memory of Katie Nolan, loved by Ellen, Lou, Matt and Jeffrey, who gave 15-1/2 years of love, laughter and joy to her family. She left all of us with happy memories of times shared and she will be dearly missed.

Spenser "Mr. Man" Kramer - 2009

Spenser Jeri and Toby Ryan
Viviane and Irv Pescov
Scott Winn
Sue Couts
Carla Guyer

Sammy Torres - 2009

Sammy Sammy, may you rest well in green pastures with the sun shining down on you every day. We'll look after Mommy for you.
Scott, Christine, Barbara, Joan, and Dina

Heather and Jenni Carroll - 2008

Heather and Jenni Tom, Barbara and "Shrimp" Carroll
Always missed

Linda Forrest

Elmo Katz - 2008

Elmo Katz Beth and Stu Katz
In honor of Elmo and Zack

Baby Cohen - 2008

Baby William Cohen
In loving Memory of Baby

Chapelle Chirichella - 2008

Chapelle Michael Chirichella
Born 12/1/96, adopted 4/1/97, sent home to God 7/2/08

Yvonne Ristich - 2007

Yvonne Jeri and Toby Ryan
Viviane and Irv Pescov
Linda Forrest
Joan Ball
Ralph and Judith VanRiper
Thomas and Suzanne Pendleton
Michael A. Gnerre
Ivana Magovcevic-Liebisch
E William and Ludlow Smethurst
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Savoie
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Winiarski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stone

Garth L. Elwell - 2007

Garth Jeri and Toby Ryan
Peggy and Ken Schmelkin
John and Arlene Zimmer
The Billy Family
Fran and Pat Villani
Shelter Helpers on Wheels
Judy and Carmine Formisano
Caroline Marchese and friends

Scooter Kramer - 2007

Scooter Jeri and Toby Ryan
Marty and Eileen Fitzgerald
Cynthia Butler of Virginia
Nancy and Rick Prouser
Carol Giles
Melanie and Ringo the Beagle
Viviane, Irv and Lainey Pescov
Linda Forrest and Garth Elwell
Scott and Scout
Charleen Libby and Buster Blackjack
Jodie Dean and Daisy the Beagle
Susan Harvey
Jeffrey Dreiblatt, William Walker, Otis and Earl
Rob, Lisa and Ethan Czepiel
Donna, Tim and Rosco from Hawaii

Princess Brothers - 2007

Princess Donna Brothers
In memory of our "princess"

Maggie Czepiel - 2007

Maggie Rob, Lisa and Ethan Czepiel
In loving memory of Maggie, our beloved Princess, gone too soon

Murphy Czepiel - 2007

Murphy Rob, Lisa and Ethan Czepiel
In loving memory of Murphy, beloved friend, gone too soon

Viviane, Irv and Lainey Pescov

Muffin Roecker - 2007

Muffin Eleanor Roecker
My little Muffin was my sweetheart. Her memory will live in my heart forever.

Linda Forrest and Garth Elwell
Viviane, Irv and Lainey Pescov
Rob, Lisa and Ethan Czepiel
Ted and Natalie Turner

Ruby Lee Bouchard 6/25/02 - 11/30/06

Ruby The Olas family
Ruby, you were such a good little girl and we will miss your bark, your soft ears, and your warm body to snuggle with.

Casey Bahr - 2006

Casey Walter Bahr

Becky Stewart - 2006

Becky Elizabeth McGinley

Boofy - 2006

Boofy Jeri, Toby, and Penny Ryan
Linda and Garth

Buddy Ryan - 2006

Buddy Jeri and Toby Ryan
In memory of Buddy - "The bestest beagle boy ever!"

Charlie Brown Ford - 2005

Charlie Brown Suzanne and John Ford, Cindy and Honey
Charlie Brown lived a long and happy life

Lucy Wilkening -2005

Lucy Susan O'Brien
Janet Plankenhorn, 'Lil Lucy & Stormy
Vicki Marty
Victoria Sommers
Darleen, Shadow and Chloe Addis
Denise Sproul
April Martin
Kate & Coqui' O'Connell
Kathy Harris
Janis and 'Tish Dority
Margaret and John Kinal
Gayla Mass
Nancy Hudson
Susan Schultheis
Jeffrey, Carol, Britt, Gracie and Gunner
Becky, Tommy, Pebbles and Maggie-Gail
Tootsie Abramson
Maureen and her beagles Napoleon, Penelope and Madison Lulu
Mary Martino

Peepers Forrest - 2005

Peepers Jeri and Toby Ryan
Linda and Garth

Jackie Boy O'Brien - 2004

Jackie Boy Carolyn Martini
Vicki Sommers
Tammy Cunningham
Maureen and her beagles Napoleon, Penelope and Madison Lulu

Angel O'Brien - 2004

Angel Carolyn Martini
Denise Sproul, Portland, OR
Maureen and her beagles Napoleon .), Penelope and Madison Lulu

SOS Beagles Home