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Placing a beagle

We receive e-mails every day from well-intentioned people throughout the country about beagles in shelters. Many people are watching Petfinder, and forwarding us information about dogs outside our coverage area. If you know of a beagle in a shelter or see a listing on Petfinder, please check our Rescue Locator Map for the name of the nearest beagle rescue to you and contact them.

If there is no beagle rescue in your state, please do not send SOS Beagle Rescue information on the beagle unless you are able to pull the beagle from the shelter and foster it, or transport it to one of our foster homes. There is nothing we can do to assist with dogs out of our local area if there is no one willing to provide foster care or transport. We are in desperate need of foster homes, so if you can foster the dog, we can be of more help. E-mailing us information about dogs that we can not assist just takes time away from the ones that we can.

If you need to place your own beagle, please see our Surrender Policies.

We appreciate your understanding.