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Tennessee - Knoxville
Betty Boop
Age: 7 yrs.
Sex: female



Meet Betty Boop. The matriarch of the new intake pack. Heartworm negative, a relief to say the least. She is 32 lbs on a petite 22-25 lb frame. She is social and friendly. Walks on a leash and wants attention. Interesting to see the difference in the older beagles and their higher socialization versus the younger beagles and their isolation. Seems that as their owner aged, lost interest and fell ill they became more and more isolated. Fed but not really much else.

The matter of fact way their owner and others spoke about their isolation, not having “run” them in over a year, the pens hardwired shut. A broken gate in one, wire woven on the inside, food tossed over the pen, the hose from up the hill to the green water buckets, the ruins of wooden dog houses with rotted floors, the debris and such only limited by the hillside but muddy location. A somewhat fresh decapitated dear head hung on a tree outside their pen to keep the scent interest??

The other rescuers with us said this was a good set up, better than so many, this man was kind and seemed to care. Yes better than the starving dogs living on chicken wire in rabbit hitches we have assisted but all so similar in their value to their human. That may be true but it was pretty hard for this seasoned rescuer to rationalize their living situation. Animals are just property in so many areas and it hurts my heart.

Betty Boop is too obese to spay at this time. She needs a TN area? foster to help her get healthy, do boot camp with her and count mutual calories. Her issue isn’t a Covid “15” (lbs) but she can help you lose yours.

Reach out to us if you can help Betty Boop get back her groove and look forward to a long and healthy life. A foster-to-adopt would e considered.

This beagle is sponsored by: The D'Elia Family in memory of Bailey & Squeaky

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Tennessee - Knoxville
Daisy BootCamp
Age: 4 yrs.
Sex: female


Sweet beautiful Daisy needs a boot camp foster. Someone to help her get her physique back. Are you starting a post lockdown covid diet and exercise regimen? Wanna share it with her?

Daily walks, feeding her at the weight she should be, not is, adding some veggies to help the possible hunger?

She is a sweet dog whose owner herself has health issues and she wasn’t getting the exercise she needed, treats, free feeding possibly and the cycle began. She was loved and cared for. We know that!

This beagle is sponsored by: Rob Odorisio & Robbie Young in memory of Pete and Jack

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Tennessee - Knoxville
Ma'am Lily
Age: 5-6 yrs.
Sex: female
will be spayed prior to adoption



So many always wonder what moms do when their pups head out to their new furever homes. We don’t, we know, we have been here before. This photo says it all. A job well done, a new life for all, all altered and unwanted pups stop here.

Tonight Ma’am Lily’s 4 pups (all promised) are here with me and preparing for their upcoming surgeries tomorrow then new homes Tuesday. One will be local and the others hours away but all will have a connection to RBF and SOS beagles furever.

Ma’am Lily is most likely having the best sleep she has had in months, not a care in the world and no puppies to feed, clean or socialize. She has been one amazing mother. Her time comes soon. She will be available through SOS Beagles - Tennessee in the coming weeks.A follow up vet visit, spay and possible dental once she heals from being puppy mom. A short, thick, squatty gal that is getting use to the finer things in life with her amazing foster and family Angie Huskey.

This beagle is sponsored by: Donna Monek in memory of Kasey & Maggie

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Tennessee - Knoxville
Age: 3
Sex: male



MELBOURNE THE MAGNIFICENT. Talk about a beautiful boy! Sweet Melbourne is about 2-3 years old, 29 lbs and found himself a stray picked up on a dark and stormy night in NE Tennessee. His shelter picture showed him so wet and lost. He headed to a partner shelter but no one came looking. The shelter staff noticed a probable reason why.

What looked like an old cherry eye condition (3rd eye lid gland inflammation) was actually significant inflammation and once we saw him we suspected Dry Eye.…/eyes/c_dg_keratoconjunctivitis_sicca
Not very common in beagles, we rarely see it in over 250 beagles a year. We aren’t sure what came first, the inflammation which lead to swelling and reduced tear production or the reduced tear production created the inflammation? He not only has a bit of a haze on his lenses (no lubrications and dust/hair, daily use) but his eyes were consistently goopy.
So when he went in for his neuter he also had his eyes tested. No corneal abrasions thankfully but he did have zero tear production. We had been giving triple antibiotic 2x a day. His third eye lid was significantly inflamed and not contributing to tear production either. Our vet started him on cyclosporine ointment twice a day and he is also on his triple antibiotic with steroids 2 x a day to help with inflammation. It has been about a week, he is in very capable hands with foster Danielle who works from home as a vet pathologist!

We won’t know yet what his needs maybe. I have had other breeds prone to this issue in my second rescue (shih Tzu, pugs, more big eyed) and after a diligent several months of cyclosporine drops or ointment 2-3 x a day some were able to drastically reduce the need and tear production started to return.
We caught it early, the vet was surprised that we even suspected it because of his younger age and breed. We know he will need a committed owner willing to work with him and this issue, change won’t occur overnight and his drops are required.

Let’s talk Melbourne because he is way more than just a dry eye dog. He is not only stunning but sweet. His foster calls him goofy and a great pup. He is a leaner, when he is in the kennel he leans his whole body against the side when you walk up. When he is out and around and given affection he leans in for the love. I LOVE A LEANER. He can be a bit reserved on initial meet but warms up well. He is trying so hard to get SOS Alum Noggin, his foster brother to play. He is learning house training. He isn’t at this time a loud boy and Danielle sent me a video of the first time he really “gave voice” to his desire to play. We don’t know cats or kids as the foster has neither. My guess is he might enjoy an older child as a playmate.

Are you willing to open your heart and home to this boy that may require daily eye meds? We think he is worth it. We hope one of you do too. He was just neutered and is recovering in foster.

Medication commitment: The cost through a compounding pharmacy is more reasonable than pet ointment. They also sell it at online petmed pharmacies in 10-15 ml dropper vials for 47-$125 depending strength. A 15 ml dropper vial contains around 150 drops at 1-2 drops or so 2-3 x a day initially, it will last approximately 4 weeks at full 2x daily use.

Please visit our website for all things adoption and application.

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Alabama - Huntsville
Age: 1
Sex: female



Meet Remmy! Remmy is almost 1 year old and wiggly. She is super snuggly and sweet to people, she loves to romp and play with other dogs. Remmy comes when she is called. Remmy is energetic and mischievous... she needs a fence and another dog to run and play with or she'll get into trouble lol Remmy weighs around 20lbs. Remmy jumps up sometimes when she really wants to greet someone, but she is light so she isn't really going to knock an adult over - her toe nails could scratch someone though.

Remmy's foster mom has this to say:
Remmy likes to jet around the house and play with different toys. She prefers plushies and destuffing them. I've stuffed the same turkey back probably 15 times. I didn't even sew it back, just put the stuffing back in there and gave it back to her to pull out again. She loves it. I did buy some of those toys inside the toy like a volcano that has Dino's in it and a spaceship that has aliens and she has fun with that but she has to be observed so she doesn't shred the small things she pulls out. She LOVES to wrestle and play with other dogs. She enjoys fetch some also. She gets along with dogs of all sizes but won't play with bigger dogs that roll her when playing chase. She loves the dog park because she gets to meet new dogs and new people. She makes it a point to visit all the people at the dog park. Remmy likes snuggles when not playing or when she is winding down. She would sleep on the bed under the covers if I would let her.

Remmy loves food and will occasionally stick a paw on the cabinets to smell the counter and did somehow manage to knock a food bowl down from there the other day, but usually she knows better and the off command works well with her. I can eat with her on the couch with me but she is interested in being close in case I drop some food (I don't, hubby is a messy eater though so she has better luck with him).

She is perfect on recall so far and always comes when I call her. There have been no issues with the wireless fence. She is athletic and may be able to climb a physical fence if she really wanted out but I'm not sure. Remmy enjoys adventures. She likes climbing different rocks and trees and such. She loves walks. She does not pull very hard on leash. Remmy needs to be tethered or crated in the car because she likes to walk all over the car, otherwise she rides well.

Remmy is working on her housetraining and manners training, and she's made a ton of progress, but whoever adopts Remmy must keep up her training. Remmy does not like to be crated and howls when I leave. She will eventually go to sleep at night after a few minutes but if she needs anything during the night she starts back crying.

This beagle is microchipped, up to date on vaccines, spayed and on flea and heartworm prevention. Please email for more information, or complete an application at (send to AL chapter).

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